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Ask Optibike! If the bike is electric, how can you get exercise?

This question comes up quite often, this week from Bill in Ontario:

Electric bikes make cycling fun for a wide range of people.  For example, I know people who are VERY FIT who use the electric assist to make long distance commuting possible at higher speeds.  Because the Optibike is designed to be pedaled, and most riders pedal, you get the same workout you would on a traditional bike: you can just travel faster.

I also know people who are working to get fit, and the Optibike lets them pedal as much as they comfortably can.  What we have seen is that these riders build muscle, burn fat, and enjoy increased balance and coordination because the Optibike lets them work at a level that is comfortable for them making the experience enjoyable overall.

The Optibike simply makes exercise fun for people of all fitness levels.  Not everyone can pedal up hills on a bicycle, but that should not prevent them from riding and doing what they can.  An electric bike makes cycling, and all the wonderful benefits to your body, accessible to nearly everyone.

An important distinction: Only the Optibike uses the Patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) so the motor is in harmony with the rider.  Because of this revolutionary concept, only the Optibike preserves the fitness benefits of E-biking.

With the MBB, the motor is constantly matched to your pedaling speed so you will never have to “outrun” the motor.  While other E-bikes have pedals, many operate much like a scooter. The Optibike is first and foremost a bike, designed by people who understand the fundamentals of cycling.

I hope this answers your question Bill,

Happy riding,


Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes