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Ask Optibike: How should I care for my Lithium-ion battery to maxamize life?

Great Question Chris, Here is your answer:

The short answer is that good battery life can be obtained for any use
profile.  Optibike’s advanced lithium-ion battery technology does not suffer
from either the “memory effect” associated with nickel battery systems that
dictates full discharge periodically to “erase the memory.”  It also does
not suffer from sulfation-like problems of lead-acid batteries which dictate
maintaining lead batteries fully charged.   The lithium-ion battery
self-protects against over-discharge and will deliver around 1,000 full
discharge cycles while retaining most of its initial “beginning-of-life”
capacity.  If the use profile results in less than complete discharge, then
more discharges will be supported, but shallow discharge is not a
pre-requisite for achieving good battery life.  In general, batteries last
longer if high temperatures are avoided.  Park your bike out of direct sun
on hot days to preserve battery health.  For a more in-depth comparison of
battery types check out to learn more.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes