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Winner of 2011 Weight Loss Challenge Announced

Optibike Electric Bicycles is proud to announce Bob Brewer of San Diego, CA the winner of the 2011-2012 Optibike Weight Loss Challenge.
Bob Brewer lost 89 lbs., beat diabetes and is free of the debilitating disease. Brewer wins $5000 to donate to a charity of his choice.
Contestants spent the year riding their Optibike, changing eating habits and learning healthy lifestyle living with the guidance of a coach. Optibike is the first to offer an E-bike Coaching Program- the only fitness program designed specifically for electric bike riders. The average weight loss in the program was 40 lbs.
Bob’s story is one of inspiration, dedication and a life-changing goal.
Bob Brewer is a regular guy. He spent his life building a successful family business. The money was good and all the perks that came with it were even better. Then at age 53, he found himself overweight, way overweight. And diabetic. He was 5’7” and 270 lbs. The doctor called him ‘morbidly obese’. That’s when fear set in.
A young death just wasn’t an option for Bob. So what was a guy like Bob to do? A little exercise for a few days wasn’t going to fix the problem. An entire lifestyle shift was in order. But it sounded so hard and complicated. That is when Bob joined the Optibike Weight Loss Challenge with coach Traci Brown.
The Optibike Weight Loss Challenge is a year long coached lifestyle and fitness program. A community is created around the enthusiasm for weight loss and cycling with the Optibike. Optibikes are the perfect match for the challenge. Being electric, the Optibike gives a push when the rider needs it. The intimidation factor is gone. The rider gets a great workout, can push their athletic limits, and get some assistance when needed.
Bob found fun, along with success, in the Optibike community and started riding his Optibike every day. He followed his program closely and monitored his progress. The program consisted of riding every day with a specific plan, walking if he couldn’t ride, eating lower carbohydrates, less meat and more fish, cutting out soft drinks and alcohol, Bob has only had water to drink for a year.
The results: Bob has lost 89lbs and he’s still going. He is exercising every day, riding his Optibike and walking, and totally off all medications. He is excited about life and he still has not had anything to drink but water. And all this happened because he decided to save his own life with the Optibike Weight Loss Challenge.
Why ride an Optibike for weight loss? Optibikes are the Ferrari of electric bikes. They’re fast, sleek and fun. When beginning to lose weight they are the perfect fitness equipment. Riders get a great workout outside, a push up the hills when they need it and all the fun of experiencing the speed of a Tour de France peleton.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes