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Ask Optibike!: Tell me more about the Optibike Riding Modes.?..

This question came in from Jim:

The specs indicate there are two “riding modes” = Fast and Economy.  When clicked into either of these, is the motor outputing a ‘constant’ speed or is the throttle dynamic like a motorcycle would be?  (i.e. the more you throttle, the more you go – up to the motor’s max).  I’m trying to understand the exact mechanics of throttling.  The videos make it seems like the motor is driving the Bottom Bracket at one speed -which you then can ‘add onto’ via your pedaling.  (which also raises the question; if you’re trying to stop, can you throttle down the motor while braking or how does that work?)
> Thanks in advance for the info!
> -Jim

Jim- Thanks for your question.  You are correct (on several fronts), all Optibike models have 2 riding modes, Fast and Economy- these modes govern the upper limit on output power with the throttle  continuously variable within that range.  For example: The Optibike 850XLi has an upper limit in fast mode of 850 watts of power, but you are welcome to use as much of that as you would like by depressing the throttle, just like a motorcycle throttle or your car’s gas pedal for that matter.  The economy mode in all Optibikes is the same, set at ~300w of output power with the throttle fully depressed.  This “economy mode” has more power than most other electric bikes peak power and with the Optibike’s 20ah Lithium ion battery you can ride for over 2.25 hours in economy mode with the throttle fully depressed. No other electric bike has this kind of range, guaranteed.

The throttle on the Optibike is exactly like a throttle on a motorcycle, in that by pressing it (or twisting it) you control the power output to the motor.  The throttle does not automatically cut off when you squeeze the brake. When stopping, simply let off the throttle and hit the brakes.  All Optibikes with the exception of the USV come with hydraulic disk brakes for your safety and equal performance in wet or dry conditions.

When you pedal the Optibike at a cadence of 85-90, your pedaling efforts are in perfect harmony with the motors’ speed (at full throttle) so you can still get plenty of good exercise while you are zipping along at 25+ mph.

The Optibike’s patented MBB (motorized bottom bracket) is the only electric bike drive system that works in perfect harmony with the rider by seemlessly integrating the motors power with human power- this makes for the only true Human Electric Hybrid™.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes

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