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Part 1 Reverse the Aging Process with an Electric Bike and Regain Lost Vitality.

Reverse the Aging Process with an Electric Bike and Regain Lost Vitality.

This is Part 1 of our Special 3 Part Series

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is based on the experience of the Author and not meant as medical advice to diagnose or treat any disease. Consult your Doctor before beginning any exercise programs.Velodrome Pacer Tim Kyer on an Optibike Electric Bike in the Boulder, CO Velodrome racing track

  • Your body has the ability to regenerate itself.

  • You just need the right tools and knowledge.

  • What I am about to give you are some really great tools and knowledge.

The Problem

In our late 40s and 50s we often start to feel the effects of the aging process. Though some is biological, much has to do with lifestyle choices. In any case, the total effect can substantially reduce our quality of life.

How Did This Happen?

We may have gained weight and lost muscle strength. Our muscles are stiff and we have lost flexibility. Our joints may not be as supple and often ache during and after exercise. Our cardiovascular endurance is often diminished and we can’t run and hike like when we were younger.  But this doesn’t have to be.

These effects are often the result of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet or poor maintenance of our bodies. We no longer get out and have excitement or exercise. Life is become too busy with family and work and we often have sacrificed health and fitness because we don’t have the time. We didn’t notice the effects at first, as they were small, but over the years they accumulated and now we really notice our lack of mobility. This may have resulted in torn ligaments, worn cartilage or even joint replacements.

You can think of it like a pond that over time has become clogged with sediment and debris and no longer supports a healthy environment for the fish. There is not one exact cause but an accumulation of smaller events that now inhibits healthy life.

The Dangerous Cycle

There is now a cascading effect with a downward spiral. Less exercise means less health which results in even less exercise and health. We need a way to break the cycle before it is too late.

Oxygen Needed

We need to get oxygen into our body and to our muscle and organs. Oxygen caries away toxins and lets our body begin to heal. One of the best ways to oxygenate the body on a regular basis is with low intensity exercise. But how do we get this low intensity oxygenating exercise if we are too tired and sore to exercise?

Optibike SIMBB 29 on single track MTB trail

The Electric Bike  Solution

Enter the electric bike. The electric bike enables you to get fun and exhilaration at a level that you can control. You can eliminate muscle burn and hyper ventilating on hills. You control your experience. You are able to ride for long periods of time, on a regular basis. This will start to turn back the hands of time.  The electric bike allows you to invigorate your life. You produce adrenaline as you’re engaged in this exciting activity.

You Already Have the Time

The great thing is that you do not need any extra time to achieve these amazing benefits. With its faster speeds and hill climbing ability, the electric bike is a viable replacement of the car. On the average we sit in our car for almost 2 hours per day and this is dead time we can’t do anything with. Imagine getting two hours per day of exciting electric bike riding! How fit would you start to feel? How fast would those extra pounds melt away?

Riders Have Lost 50 Pounds and Eliminated Prescriptions

Many electric bike riders have lost 50 pounds, reduced their blood pressure and prescription medicines.  In addition they feel more alert and invigorated at the end of the day. They find themselves more productive and have a more positive attitude towards life and its amazing possibilities.

Engage All Your Senses

Riding electric bike engages your entire system: your eyes, your coordination and your balance. All of the vestibular system is activated and it tells your body to be alive. When you put demands on your body it will respond and grow stronger.

Exercise that’s Fun.

With the Electric Bike, you can exercise for extended periods of time even with many types of disabilities such as  a bad knee, a bad hip or if you’ve had a heart issues and heart surgery. The electric bike lets you control your experience, control your heart rate so you can go up any hill with ease and enjoy yourself. There is less strain on the joints so you ride longer and more often.

Jeff Baum on His Optibike in Breckenridge, CO, where he rides it through the snow to work with skis strapped to his back

Feel Exhilarated, Not Tired

Most electric bike riders say they feel exhilarated and energized at the end of their rides, not tires and depleted as they did on a regular bike. Because of this they ride more often, resulting in more health benefits.

You Gotta Have Fun

For most people it is easy to start an exercise program, but hard to continue it. They either get bored, run out of time or get joint or muscle injuries that stop them from continuing. This doesn’t have to be.

Remember: Exercise needs to be fun if we are to do it long term and electric bikes make it fun.

Rocky Mountain Commuter Side View

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