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Save Time While You Get Fit With an Electric Bicycle

Electric Bike

It is possible to save time and get fit riding an electric bicycle.  Most of us in the Western world struggle with the lack of time and the lack of exercise. Many Americans sit in their cars for an hour or more each day. If that time was spent riding an electric bicycle, it might take slightly longer, but in the process you’d get over an hour of exercise.

A free  hour of exercise per day, If we all got an hour of exercise each day, we would start thour glasso solve the health crisis in America. Because, in spite of all the talk of the health crisis in terms of insurance costs and rising health care costs, the real root cause of the health crisis is our health. We need to fundamentally change our lifestyles and therefore our health in order to solve the health crisis financial problem.

Easy to Replace the Car  One of the greatest misconceptions about electric bikes is that it is not possible to lose weight riding one. Admittedly, at first glance, it seems counter intuitive. With a motor to assist, one would think the rider did less work. The truth is, the e bike makes it easy to use the bicycle to replace the car, and in doing so increase one’s amount of daily exercise. Hill climbing is easier (so you will actually ride up them), and speeds are faster so you can ride longer and go further, hence burning more calories. You can effectively replace sitting in car with easy exercise, which is the best type for longevity.

Huge Health Benefits There are huge health benefits in riding an electric bike for just 30 minutes a day. The basis of a healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily high intensity exercise – it’s consistent, moderate exercise. Throughout history, humans mostly just walked around and that’s what we’re made to do – light-duty exercise. Intensity exercise can be good, but you’re muscles aren’t designed to handle it in large doses.

Control your Workout So the electric bike allows you to modulate the amount of intensity you’re getting regardless of the terrain. If you climb a hill with a regular bike, you send your heart rate screaming, start perspiring and become winded. But with an electric bike you can get over that hill easily and it remains gentle exercise. And when your muscles are gently exercising day in and day out, it greatly improves your health. The accumulation of a half hour a day of exercise makes a fundamental difference. Most health studies claim that only a few hours of moderate exercise a week puts you into the top few percent of Americans health-wise. It’s not that hard to do, but it’s hard to find the time to do it. An electric bike provides a convenient way to exercise while pressed for time.

Great for Knee or Hip Replacements E-bikes also offer a great assist to people who have had knee or hip replacements. The electric bike removes the large strain on the joints and makes getting exercise possible again. With the added assist of the motor, the pedaling is smoothed out and less instantaneous strain is created on the joints.

Great for Heart Recovery Electric bikes are also great for people recovering from heart operations as the amount of cardiac output can be controlled, so the heart is not strained during the recovery period, but exercise can still be achieved.

Excerpted from  “The Electric Bike Book” by Jim Turner. Available FREE on I Pad and Kindle. Order yours today! Want to learn more about how e-bikes can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Join us in our yearly Electric Bike Weight Loss Challenge. And don’t forget to follow our Electric Bike Blog to learn more about the industry and what’s going on at Optibike.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes