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Basics of an Electric Mountain Bike

By September 4, 2018September 6th, 2018No Comments

If you love biking, then you probably know a lot about various mountain bikes, how they work, and what is the best brand and model to buy. With the advancement of technology, mountain bikes are now available as electric mountain bikes or e mountain bikes too.

If you are planning to ditch your regular mountain bike and looking to buy the best e mountain bike, then you should first know about some basics.

best e-mountain bike

Material of e Mountain Bikes

The best e mountain bike could be available in 3 different materials. These are steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. Each material has its own pros and cons. in terms of cost, the cheapest material is steel while carbon fiber is most expensive.

Parts of e Mountain Bikes

The best e bike consists of multiple parts. The most prominent parts of any e mountain bike are the electric motor and battery pack. These are also upgradable. So if you want more performance out of your existing e bike, you can increase the size and power of the motor. It will boost the speed of the bike. Batteries can be upgraded to a lithium as these don’t run out of charge so quickly.

Buying a Spare Battery

If you are apprehensive of upgrading to an e mountain bike because the battery running out may disrupt your experience, then you can always carry a spare one. It is easy to buy a spare battery that can be used as back up if the existing one suddenly runs out. It is quite similar to having a power bank for your smartphone.

Compare multiple brands and models to buy the best e mountain bike and enhance your biking adventures. If you don’t want to compromise with your e-bike performance, then Optibike, an award winning manufacturer of electric mountain bike should be your first choice. Award winning Optibike is  the oldest manufacturer of electric mountain bikes in America.

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