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Winter Storage Tips for your Optibike Lithium Ion Battery

With cold weather here, caring for your lithium ion battery is critical for long cycle life and optimal performance.

  • Do not store your bike in temperatures below -17C (0F) or above 27C (80F). Prolonged storage outside this temperature range may cause permanent damage the battery – Keep bike warm and indoors prior to riding for peak performance.
  • Do NOT charge the battery if it is below 0C (32F) or above 45C (113F). This will cause permanent damage.
  • Expect decreased capacity and range at lower operating temperatures; maximum capacity will be 80% of normal at temperatures near 0C (32F).

In short, your battery likes to be charged warm, kept warm, and will preform best when warm. This can be a little tricky in the winter- usually a warm garage is perfect for storage.

Also, if you can- try to discharge and re-charge your bike 1x per month. This will help keep the battery in tip top shape for summer riding.

Be aware that Optibike Lithium Batteries (like most lithium batteries) do NOT trickle charge like their lead acid ancestors. The Optibike lithium battery will only start the charge sequence once the battery has been depleted about 10%.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes