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Long Range Electric Bike Completes 25,000KM

We received this email from Ricc in Australia after riding his R11 electric bicycle for 3 years and 25,000 KM (15,500 miles). This is a testament to the amazing long term durability of the Optibike R11 as great long range electric bike. Below is what Ricc wrote:

I have had the Optibike R11 for three years & I feel the time is right to relay my consumer experience so that potential buyers can make informed decisions. I have never made any purchase in my lifetime where all claims by the manufacturer may be easily & readily validated as being factually correct. Until that is, I purchased the Optibike R11.

Whenever I make a consumer purchase, I always validate the claims of the vendor against my expectations of purchase. When I received the Optibike R11, I tested & have validated every claim that you have made on your website; 33(MPH), 40 Mile Range, FAST Mode, ECO Mode, SAFE Mode etc. Much to my great satisfaction, all your claims have been verified.

R11 Long range electric bike

Ricc with his Optibike R11 Long range electric bike

Again, I have been very impressed by the fact that “what is claimed is actually delivered”. My advice to prospective purchasers is that they can buy an Optibike R11 with complete confidence that what is claimed is factual & real.

My R11 has now traveled 25,000(km) (showing the R11 to be the best long range electric bike) (90% in FAST Mode).

A recent mechanical issue with my Rohloff was repaired without question or dispute by Rohloff in Germany. This has been my experience with Optibike R11 components so far:

Frame = no problem
Chris King components = no problem
FOX components = no problem
DT Swiss components = no problem, not even a broken spoke; no truing of wheel, nothing needed at all
Avid Brake components = no problem; typical consumption of brake pads
Rohloff =  mechanical issue significantly outside the warranty period {occurred @ 25,000(km)}, was fixed under warranty. Rohloff completely replaced all internals; effectively giving me a new Rohloff (only the outer casing was preserved as it is laced into the wheel)

To see Ricc in action on his R11 watch his Video below.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes

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