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E Bike Riding Stress Free on Knees

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E Bike Riding  Stress Free on  Knees with Optibike Exclusive Bio Smooth.


Optibike BIO SMOOTHTM  feature saves your Knees

What happens when you ride a Traditional Bicycle:

  • With traditional bikes your legs are forced to push harder at the top of the pedal stroke – which makes for an uneven, or irregular stroke.
  • This can result in fatigue, knee or hip strain, and misalignment. The outcome is noticed with your legs feeling tired and sore after riding.
  • Because of this you may not exercise or go out riding enough to build up your fitness. Instead you will need time to recuperate, or to let the inflammation and soreness go down from your last ride.
Pedl powerstroke diagram

Traditional Bike Creates Strain on Knees and Joints with Uneven Pedaling.


What happens when you ride the Optibike with its BIO SMOOTHTM  :

  • The Bio Smooth movement of the patented Optibike Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) – virtually eliminates the problem of excess strain or stress on joints, hips, back, and knees.
  • The MBB runs parallel with your pedaling – and offers ‘continuous’ force around the entire revolution of the pedal (exclusive to Optibike technology).
  • This allows you to maintain a regular, smooth, pushing with your legs, so your knees and hips avoid excess strain and fatigue. It’s like riding on air!
  • The chart below shows how uneven the force is when riding a regular bike. The black and brwon lines are regualr pedal force, while the green line is the Optibike Bio Smooth force.
BioPace Graph

Optibike Bio Smooth= Smooth Constant Force, Reducing Knee Strain.

Results of Optibike Bio Smooth Technology:

  • The result of the Bio Smooth movement is that Optibike riders are able to ride further, longer, and can get in shape faster because your joints are protected and you are comfortable.
  • You are able to control your ride – not the terrain, the wind, or the hills – therefore you go out more often.
  • You can ride at high aerobic levels and stay in your target heart zone for a longer time.
  • This comfort to ride more often turns into a momentum, which becomes your Key to building fitness, stamina, endurance, tone, and strength.
  • You can easily drop 25 lbs because you are getting consistent movement which hikes up your metabolism to burn higher and stronger.

Eliminating Excess Strain:

  • The Bio Smooth feature directly impacts our ability to have a lot of good exercise.  Over the years we often lose mobility as we become more and more stationary.
  • This results in a gradual weakening of muscles.
  • Maybe our knees and joints aren’t so great, and then this contributes to even less exercise or movement.
  • It gets harder and harder to get out and ride.

Couple riding Optibikes onroad in a forested areaA New Healthy Lifestyle:

  • What if it was realistically within your power to improve your fitness and health – while you keep your knees strong?
  • What if the terrain or hills were of no importance?
  • What if you could meet a friend for coffee after a vigorous bike ride from home?
  • Or zoom to the market easily to pick up something for dinner?
  • What if you noticed your strength and stamina increasing as you
  • Felt excitement surging for the next ride?
  • Have  E Bike riding  stress free on  knees

Optibike Bio Smooth Feature Gives You the Power to Change Your Life:

  • With the Bio Smooth you can be in command of a fitness ‘lifestyle’ that is unique to your needs, and stay active for years.
  • You can integrate ‘riding’ with errands, commuting,  going into town to meet a friend; riding out in nature to refresh your soul; or ride with a fit partner and keep up and use it for regular physical training.
  • You gain complete independence for a fit lifestyle with comfort. You can have E bike riding  stress free on knees
  • Anyone can ride this bike.

To learn more about Optibike’s electric bike line, Click Here, or contact us at 303-443-0932. You’ll find the largest selection of e-bikes that will match your needs and budget. Don’t wait, order yours today