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John D. Rides the Oregon Outback Trail

By June 26, 2017May 20th, 20192 Comments

Just finished 225 miles on the Oregon Outback Trail! 4 days of gravel road and trails.

The Optibike was superb. I carried about 40 lbs of gear, I weigh 182 lbs and I got nearly 40 miles of range including 1500 to 1800 ft of climbing per battery.

Also the Optibike endured an all-night rain storm and clouds of dust.  

John D.


The Oregon Outback route links up a handful of must-see, but rarely visited parts of the state while simplifying the logistics of cross state travel as much as possible.

The route starts in Klamath Falls, the southern-most full-service stop in Oregon on Amtrak. From K-Falls, you’ll get to enjoy 70+ miles of car-free bike trails before hitting lightly trafficked roads for the next 290 miles or so, eventually wrapping up your ride at the confluence of the Deschutes and mighty Columbia Rivers.



  • Nicholas Turner says:

    Hi John, I’ve updated the post with the new info.

  • John Degenhardt says:

    Hi Sue
    The Oregon Trail is not the same as the Oregon Outback Trail.
    The Outback Trail is a recently established route that goes from
    Klamath Falls OR to the Columbia River, 360 miles .Trail details are
    are available at the Oregon Bikepacking site.

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