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Reverse the Aging Process by Riding Fast Electric Bikes

By August 16, 2017July 7th, 2018No Comments

The surprising health outcome

The aging process is a combination of two factors. One is the normal aging process as we all get older.  The second factor is our life style contributions. This is where the Optibike can reduce the aging process and make your life a more full and vital life, even into your eighties.

Some good news about aging are these following results from a recent Swedish Study:  they found that exercise is the #1 contribution to youth, longevity, and reversing the aging process.  And that these health benefits can happen even if we don’t start exercising until later in life!

We know that people who are physically active are much less likely than sedentary people to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, depression, disabilities in old age, or to die prematurely.

And yet most people do not get enough exercise to keep them young.

Statistics show that despite its multiple benefits, a majority of us never exercise. When researchers ask why, most people state the same two reasons — they don’t have time to squeeze exercise into their lives, or they aren’t fit enough to undertake exercise.

How can we get the exercise we need in a fun and exhilarating way?

Optibike Electric bicycles are a positive and powerful option that allows people to get exercise in a fun and exhilarating way. These are fast electric bikes and long range electric bikes. Their motors shore up your pedaling making hill climbing or riding long distances exhilarating, rather than daunting like a ride on a standard bike. Optibikes allow people with jammed daily schedules to get the strong benefits of a work-out as they cycle to and from work, using an E-bike for transportation.

With a Long Range Electric bike you control your experience and can start from where your fitness level is at.

With a long range Electric bike the rider is able to get the exact amount of exertion that is comfortable for them. They are able to ride longer distances over more varied terrain and have fun in the process. No longer are they intimidated by hills, head winds or long distances.

They can arrive at work without breaking a sweat.  And if a person doesn’t feel fit enough to exercise, fast and long range Electric bikes allow the rider to build up their fitness step-by-step, starting from where they are and quickly gain a momentum for health.

Hal Bodman and his Optibike R SeriesMy Optibike is awesome. It is a 20 mile ride into Portland for me. I climb a massive hill and breeze up there quite swiftly. I have so much fun and the Optibike is a blast. I have an attached trailer that I pick up a 50 pound bag of dog food and ride 20 miles each way to get it back home.

Hal B. Oregon




The three ways an E-bike helps reduce the aging process

There are three areas where riding an E bike will increase your health and reduce the aging process.

  1. Strength and weight loss
  2. Cardio Vascular and Aerobic Fitness
  3. Vestibular (Balance)

1) E-bike riding reverses the aging process by increasing Strength and contributing to weight loss.

Regular riding of an E-bike will increase your leg strength and stimulate weight loss. Because people generally ride longer on an E-bike with the ability to control their experience, they gain more strength and lose weight, which then gives them more energy in their life.

All kinds of people are buying E-bikes because they are FUN, which means people are out there riding a lot – with the outcome of achieving a higher level of strength.

But FUN doesn’t even really cover the magnitude of E-bike riding.  For instance, you don’t sit on an Optibike and do nothing.  People often miss the point – Optibike Electric bikes aren’t about making what you do easier, it’s about exhilaration bordering on magic and, getting more ground covered for your time and calories.

What’s amazing is that you can actually get the same or stronger workout that you get on a traditional bike, but with more exhilaration and fun. You just go faster and farther.

With an E-bike you control your experience.


Bob Lippman in Moab with his Optibike R seriesAt 63 years old, the Optibike has indeed transformed my life and mobility! My full suspension R11 performs gracefully and responsively on the trails and slick rock terrain around my home near Moab Utah, riding like the wind. It has vastly enhanced the range and just plain enjoyment and delight of my rides, and gets me through rough and steep terrain that previously had me walking my non-electric mountain bike.

Bob L. Moab, Utah




2) E-bike Riding strengthens Cardio Health and Aerobic Capacity for reversing the aging process.

With an Electric Bike you will easily improve your aerobic capacity like no other form of exercise can do.  The best way to improve the aerobic capacity is with long slow distance exercise in your aerobic heart range (the range where you can exercise and talk comfortably)

When exercising in your aerobic range you will burn fat, increase mitochondria in the muscles and increase the size of the blood vessels – the basics for improved overall health.

The problem for most people who are not fit is that riding a regular bicycle will quickly put them out of the aerobic range into the anaerobic range, this is not good.  In the anaerobic range they are out or breathe, burning sugars instead of fat for fuel, and are feeling the burn in their muscles from lactic acid buildup.  They have long recovery periods and stop exercising.

All this is eliminated with a long range electric bike. The rider is able to control their heart rate in the aerobic region, by adding electric bike motor power. They ride longer (burning more fat) have more fun and have short recovery times so they ultimately ride much more than with a conventional bike.  Their health rapidly improves.

3) E-bike riding reverses the aging process by strengthening the Vestibular (Balance).

The role of the Vestibular in our health is essential. The vestibular is responsible for balance and spatial orientation and it utilizes our core muscles, especially the core muscles of our back.  It makes us detect and feel our ‘speed’ while we are moving, so that our muscles can respond and make minute adjustments for spatial positioning to stay upright.  It also has a direct effect on essential life systems, such as respiration, the GI system, and heart rate.

The Vestibular functions mostly in our inner ear as a sense organ that is shaped like a spiral, and this is covered with tiny hairs surrounded by fluid. The fluid bends the hairs as we move our head side-to-side, up and down, or with speed. These bent hairs note our ‘position’ spatially, and then our neuro-biology reads this info to employ our core muscle tone and coordination to adjust our balance.

It’s essential to keep the vestibular primed all through life for a keen, strong responsiveness to any movement.

The main way to prime the vestibular is ‘moving fast’ – just like all the spinning and rocking and running we did as a child which fully developed our vestibular early on.

One of the most FUN ways to keep the vestibular strong as an adult is E-bike riding.

E-bike riding is extremely beneficial for the vestibular.  With an Optibike you can ride on varied  terrain easily, or ride fast on straight lines, and feel comfortable with the stable sport handling of the bike with an ability to stop on a dime with the disc brakes.  This will keep your core muscle tone strong, which in turn, functions as support for good coordination and balance.

When choosing an E-bike it’s important to choose one that has stable handling for the speed. An Optibike is one of the most stable handling E-bikes available. Riders say they feel like a kid again.


I commute to work on my Optibike Allroad, which I really enjoy.  The commute is just shy of 32 miles round trip.

My regular non-cycling commute consists of driving to the light rail station and hopping on the F Line train.  Door to door the train ride is about 75 minutes each way.

Riding the Optibike Allroad takes about 60 minutes so in addition to burning calories. I save time 15 minutes per trip (and probably CO2).   I keep track of calories burned, pulse rate etc. using a fitness watch. Cycling burns about an extra 1100 calories per day which is a terrific benefit.

Dave. Denver, CO


Riding a long range Electric Bicycle leads to a higher level of endurance, stamina, strength, and allows you to get in shape, reverse the aging process, and do it faster. Fast Electric bikes are a new dimension in cycling and the best part is that it gives you the ability to go out and ride any time you want to.

By using your own strength supported by new technology even long routes and steep mountain climbs are not beyond reach as you enjoy the thrill of adventure and robust riding while getting stronger and fitter, and reversing the aging process.

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