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Long Distance Touring on an Electric Bike

Wally shows how good an Optibike R8HD is for long distance touring on an electric bike. In  8 months he rode 6,000 KM and lost 30 pounds. He first bought his R8HD in June 2016 and has been having the best time of his life since then. Watch his interview below.

Wally rides all year, in the Winter he puts on studded snow tires and rides the frozen lakes.  He is able to ride trials and roads on his R8HD. He says the electric bike is very stable as he can ride right next to edge of the pavement or even on the gravel shoulder.

One of his favorite rides for long distance touring is to loop the lake, riding both single track and roads. Total distance is 106KM and he does it on one battery charge. Wally has found that he can ride everyday and the stress on his hips, ankles and knees is greatly reduced. Lear more about the hill climbing ability of the Optibike HERE.

Prior to buying the Optibike, Wally tested many bike brands. He found the R8HD was the only bike capable of climbing the steep hills in the Rocky Mountains of Canada where he lives. The patented Optibike MBB is part of the secret sauce that makes hill climbing so easy.

Optibike long distance touring R8HD electric bike

The Optibike R8HD is a great long distance touring electric bike.

The R8HD has proven very reliable, with no repairs needed in 1.5 years with almost continuous riding. Wally says he cant live without the Optibike and that it has given him a new lease on life.

Key Points:

  • 6,000 KM in 8 months
  • Rides 12 months of the year, in snow and ice (uses studded snow tires for winter)
  • Lost 30 pounds
  • Goes up hills he never could before
  • Researched bikes and R8HD the only bike to climb the hills he wanted to ride
  • Rides 104KM on one battery charge
  • Reliable bike, No repairs in 18 months
  • Reduced stress on his hips, ankles and knees
  • Enjoys every minute
  • Has more fun and rides longer than on conventional bike

Optibike celebrated its ten year anniversary in 2017, becoming the oldest electric bike make in the USA. You can watch the exciting video here.

Curious of how the Optibike was created? Watch the Optibike History Video here.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes