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Electric Bike rider Burns 1100 Calories per day!

By November 13, 2015December 7th, 2021No Comments

Dave is doing something all of us can do, thanks to an electric bike. He has replaced his commute via car or light rail with an Optibike Allroad. He is now burning off fat, and saving time and money. Riding the Allroad is faster than the light rail and burns off 1100 calories. ( Burning 1100 calories per day can result in 6 pounds of weight loss per month) How does he do it? Read his story below:

Last week I was able to commute to work on my Allroad, which  I really enjoy.  The commute is just shy of 32 miles round trip from where I live in Centennial to downtown Denver where I work and is mostly  over side streets so I avoid riding in heavy traffic.


My regular non-cycling commute consists of driving to the light rail station and hopping on the F Line train.  Door to door the train ride is about 75 minutes each way.

Riding the Allroad takes about an hour so in addition to burning calories  I save time (and probably CO2).   I keep track of calories burned, pulse rate etc.  using a fitness watch. Cycling burns about an extra 1100 calories per day which is a terrific benefit.

I have a pass for the train that is $36 per month. If I drive it takes about 45 minutes assuming moderate traffic but parking is minimum $10. Gas is about $4 per day.

All and all the Allroad has performed very well; Mariane and I both think riding the Allroad is a hoot. I also just passed 1000 miles on my Allroad.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes