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Alternative Transportation Part 4 – A Closer Look: Electric Bikes vs Bikes

By April 1, 2014March 1st, 2022No Comments

In Part 1 of our Four Part Alternative Transportation Blog Series, Electric Bikes vs Cars, we discussed the benefits of using electric bikes vs. automobiles and what the yearly cost savings can be. In Part 2, Electric Bikes vs. The Bus, we found out how e bikes can save time, provide exercise, and  save you money over a bus. Part 3, Electric Bikes vs. The Subways, we discussed the limitations and frustrations that come with commuting via train or subway.

electric bikesIn our final installment, Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes, we discuss the differences and benefits of riding an electric bike vs. a regular bike. Conventional road bike and mountain bike riders often say “you are cheating” when they see someone on an electric bike speed past them on flat terrain and hills.

When you compare commuting to and from work or getting around town on an electric bike vs. road or mountain bike, you will see that you arrive faster on an electric bike than a regular bike rider taking the same route. When you are on an electric bike you can even beat a championship level road or mountain bike rider. Pretty cool!

When you arrive to work on an electric bike, you will feel fresh and energized to start a productive work day.If you have steep hills to climb  when you are on a regular road or mountain bike, you exert more energy and often arrive to work sweaty and tired. Hopefully, you have a shower at your office before you start your work day.

You will still experience a great work out on an electric bike when you are in pedal only or hybrid mode. In fact, some electric bike riders share that they use an electric bike in pedal only mode to work and use the hybrid mode coming home after a long day at work. So, when “people say you are cheating” you can turn the other cheek as you keep yourself fit, vibrant and youthful knowing you experience a great workout whether you are in pedal only or hybrid mode.

Many people do not replace their car  rides with a regular bicycle because it takes more time.With an electric bike, you will find your commute time is almost half the time it will take you on a regular bike. This makes riding the electric bike a viable option to a car.

On an electric bike, you can use the bike lanes on the streets to enjoy your commute or take indirect routes. With the electric bike you can take a road less traveled that is safer, even if it has hills.  Cut through a park, cruise on an off road trail or take the least busy streets and roads for a relaxing and stress free commute to and from work on an electric bike.

When the last leg of your commute home is a huge hill, it can be a daunting task on your  on your regular bike and. Wouldn’t you rather climb that massive last hill on an electric bike so you arrive home exhilarated, not sweaty and  tired?

Feel the difference yourself. Ride  a regular bike to work one day and then borrow an electric bike for the next. Compare your times, compare how you feel. I think the answer will be clear. Remember there are great differences in the speed and hill climbing ability of various electric bikes. Make sure you try a bike suited to your weight and terrain.

So whether it’s commuting, running errands, staying fit, or taking a journey, you’ll see that there is nothing like an electric bike. You can’t beat the cost savings electric bikes can offer, especially with gas prices on the rise. Not only are you helping the environment by using an e-bike, but you’re helping your wallet out as well. Check out the widest selection of electric bikes that Optibike offers, and contact us to get started on your electric bike journey today.


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