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Alternative Transportation Part 3 – A Closer Look: Electric Bikes vs Train/Subway

By March 19, 2014March 1st, 2022No Comments

In Part 1 of our Four Part Alternative Transportation Blog Series, Electric Bikes vs Cars, we discussed the benefits of using electric bikes vs. automobiles and what the yearly cost savings can be. In Part 2, Electric Bikes vs. The Bus, we found out how e bikes can save time, provide exercise, and  save you money over a bus.

In this third installment,  we discuss electric bikes vs. trains and subways. In big cities like Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, and others, people are commuting via train and subway because they think it’s a better mode of transportation  than a car. However, there are many limitations and frustrations when commuting via train or subway, that an electric bike does not have.

Time Freedom With the train and subway, just like a bus, you have to rely on a fixed schedule for when you can travel to your destination. With an electric bike, you can travel anytime you want, allowing you to arrive at work on your own schedule. The subways and trains can run every 15 minutes and up to an hour so if you are running late, you waste some valuable time. Most electric bike trips can take  the same or less time than the train or subway.

electric bike vs subway

No Walking or Waiting Required Proximity to a train or subway is never as close as you want it to be. Often,  you have to walk up to ½ mile to the closest train or subway. Once you are there, it can be quite crowded with hundreds of people walking as fast as they can to get to where they need to be. So, if you have that cup of coffee in your hand with your cell in the other, you might end up with the coffee on you after someone in a rush bumps into you and drop your cell and it breaks. Who wants this stress?

Save the Cash With a train or subway, you  spend $2 one way and for those longer trips upwards to $7 one way.  Spend five days a week commuting and this adds up quickly to $50 to 150 per week.

Get Fit While You Commute  With e-bikes, you get the luxury of commuting on your schedule and get in a great exercise before you hit the office. On trains and subways, just like a bus, you sit during your commute and get no exercise.

Let Stress Go When standing on a very crowded subway car when all seats are occupied can raise those stress levels sky high. Constantly being bumped into, people talking loud and standing up when no seats are available for 15 or 30 minutes makes the commute on a train or subway not so fun.

Have More Free Time  Ride an electric bike and save money, save time, have a more enjoyable commute and have fun. No need to squeeze in additional exercise time during the week days so you can enjoy family dinner or watching your kids sporting or other events and activities.

Be Surprised Next week, for the conclusion of our four part series on alternative transportation, we examine the differences between commuting with an electric bike and a regular bike. The answer may surprise you! As always, follow us on Facebook, and Twitter to find out what’s happening at Optibike.



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