Our E-Bikes

Optibike’s superior-quality bikes deliver an unparalleled electric bike riding experience. No matter your fitness level or riding goals, we have the perfect e bike for you. Check out our e-bikes below.

  • Mountain & Off-Road

    Mountain & Off-Road (4)

    Ditch the granny gears and optimize your ride for serious thrills. Our Mountain & Off-Road bikes are built to enhance your experience by getting you up difficult terrain more efficiently - leaving you with more energy to enjoy the challenge.

  • Road and Touring

    Road and Touring (4)

    Looking for a bike that can go the distance? Our road and touring bikes hold bragging rights for the highest capacity battery available in an electric bike. Reliable, comfortable and built to last, these bikes are up for the adventure.

  • Light Trail & Road

    Light Trail & Road (7)

    Biking across town, running down the street for errands, impromptu rides into the foothills—tackle any objective with the Optibike. These bikes are built to handle both road and light trail use.

  • Commuting

    Commuting (5)

    Skip traffic and enjoy an easy cruise to work with our commuter bikes. With an electric motor to compliment your pedaling and a light, portable frame, these bikes are the efficient option for getting around town quickly.

  • Accessories

    Accessories (3)

    Don't get stranded! An extra battery and charger will make sure you're not left in the cold.