Weight Loss Challenge

Optibike is pleased to announce the 2014 Electric Bike Weight Loss Challenge. This will be the fourth year for the challenge. You can win $5,000!


2014 Optibike Weight Loss Challenge

Each year we see amazing results, with a motorized bike rider losing 80 pounds and receiving a check for $5,000 last year. We have found that adding coaching, combined with riding an Optibike, results in higher weight loss. Coaching also helps people have a much greater overall health.

If you are serious about losing weight, and want to learn more about our certified weight loss coaching program, the 2014 Optibike Weight Loss Challenge is for you. The 2014 Optibike Weight Loss Challenge begins on March 1, 2014 and lasts for ten months.


Weight Loss with an Optibike is FUN!

The Optibike Weight Loss Challenge provides an easy and fun way to lose weight. You will experience more energy and vitality, while lowering your stress and improving your overall health. Our entire line of Optibike e-bikes allow you to incorporate fitness easily into your lifestyle. You can replace car trips with our electric bicycles and begin to see results.

You’ll have a lot more fun losing weight riding an Optibike than you would on a regular bike, stationary bike, treadmill, jogging, running, or other physical activity. Past participants have lost up to 80 pounds and are enjoying a much more vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Many have reduced or eliminated prescription drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure.



Our customer testimonials are proof that exercise on an e-bike is a healthy AND enjoyable experience!


Exclusive Coaching Makes the Difference

Optibike is the only electric bike company to offer a weight loss coaching program. We have done this because the program gets results. It is shown that people achieve better and improved results by working with a coach who educates and motivates them while holding them accountable.

Our Coach, Traci Brown is a world class champion coach. She will help you set your goals and then create a program that makes them happen. Traci is more than just a fitness coach, she is also a Trainer for Your Mind and 3-Time US National Collegiate Cycling Champion. She will help you get the results you want. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Time Line and Hawaiian Huna.


Three Levels of Coaching

The 2014 Weight Loss Challenge is a 10 month program where our Coach, Traci Brown will mentor you through group coaching calls and personal coaching calls to meet and exceed your weight loss goals. The Electric Bike Fitness Program powered by Optibike offers 3 program levels at which you can join: Bronze, Silver and Gold.



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What you need to do to participate in the 2014 Optibike Weight Loss Challenge:


  1. Make a decision with 100% commitment that it is time to achieve your weight loss goals
  2. Either you currently own an Optibike, or you purchase a new or refurbished Optibike
  3. Sign up for the Bronze, Silver or Gold level coaching program
  4. See your doctor and get written approval to participate in the program
  5. Have your initial weigh-in as your starting point and set your goal for how much weight you want to lose in the 10 month program
  6. See your doctor for quarterly checkups and weigh in to establish an accurate official weight at each stage of the our Weight Loss Challenge
  7. Write at least 1 blog post a month about your experience on the electricbikefitness.com blog
  8. Participants are selected based on their individual weight loss goals, motivation, 100% commitment, and a ‘whatever it takes’ to succeed attitude



There is one grand prize, 3 quarterly prizes and a few special prizes. All prizes are contingent on completion of coaching, blogging, and quarterly weigh-ins with your doctor.


Grand Prize:

The grand prize will be awarded based on the number of participants in the Optibike Weight Loss Challenge. The grand prize will be based on $500 per person based on a minimum of 5 participants. For example, if there are 10 participants the winner will receive $5000. The winner is chosen based on achieving the highest % of their weight loss goal(s). For example, if your goal is to lose 50 pounds and you lose a total of 75 pounds, you lost 150% of your goal.

Century Club Award:

The participant who rides the most miles over 100 miles per week for the 10 month duration of the program will be able to trade in their Optibike for a BRAND NEW BIKE of equal value. For example, if you had ridden an Optibike R8 all year and AVERAGED 105 miles a week, and no other participants averaged more miles, then you can trade in your R8 for a brand new R8. Only the participant with the HIGHEST mileage over 100 miles per week wins.


How to get Started:

Call Neal Topper at (303) 848-8381 for your consultation, to order your Optibike, and/or to sign up for the 2014 Weight Loss Challenge Program.

Sign up for a series of Free Conference calls and learn all about the Weight Loss challenge. Hear from previous participants on how they succeeded. Win a Free One hour consultation with Traci (A $250 value) !