Born to Be Wild

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own and ride an Optibike?

Watch this exciting 4 minute video now.

  • Carey and Andy have always enjoyed the excitement, fun and fitness of adventures.
  • Today, they continue, not letting age stop them.
  • They have found a way to overcome the inertia of age and the burdens that life brings.
  • Sometimes they don’t feel like getting out of bed, but after they finish their adventure ride they are full of vigor.
  • They feel vital again and come home ready to rock. They go through the day with a smile on their face and skip in their step. Life is great.
  • No longer constrained to a mundane route, they are free to explore any trial and any road with confidence and excitement, without worry.
  • Big range and big territory are theirs.

The wide open spaces await, everything is exciting and adventurous.

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