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NEW! – Pioneer Carbon

Ultra Light 37 LB Carbon Fiber E-Bike

Because Optibikes are hand assembled in the USA to your specifications, build time is usually 2-6 weeks depending on the model of bike and time of year.


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Top Speed
Maximum Range
*Max Range at 15MPH with a 170LB rider with moderate pedaling*
Motor Power
Motor Torque

Light Weight: Carbon Frame, Fork and Handlebar

This is the lightest bike you will find with a 500 watt motor and 37 volt 10.5 amp hour battery. The bike is 15-30 pounds lighter than other bikes with the same performance.
Due to the use of carbon fiber in the frame, fork and handlebar, the bike is also extremely rigid.

Thumb Throttle

In addition to the Pedalec control we have added an optional thumb throttle for those who want it. This gives you both types of control, so you do not have to compromise like other bikes.

Carbon Handlebar With Integrated Digital Display

Carbon Frame Integrated DisplayThe full carbon handlebar has an integrated digital display. There is an external button to change the 5 power settings.

Standard Bars and Stem Option

standard_barsThe carbon bars are very cool, but many people have asked for the option to customize the fit  of the bike to their riding needs.

We will now offer the option of a standard bar and stem with handlebar mounted LCD display. This will enable you to get the right fit, especially for your riding position.

Sleek Eye Catching Design

The sleek eye catching design of the carbon bike turns heads where ever it goes. There is nothing else like it. Destined to change the way people think about electric bikes.

500 Watt Mid Drive MBB

The Optibike Carbon has the same hill climbing 500 watt mid drive as the Pioneer Allroad. These motors have proven to be very durable with riders completing thousands of miles on them.
There are 5 power levels from 100-500 watts to choose from. Power control is via Pedalec or Throttle.

See Why Phil Loves his Carbon Optibike

Quick Change Integrated Battery

The large 37 volt 10.5 amp-hr Lithium Ion battery is concealed in the down tube of the frame. The key locked cover comes off to allow quick changes and charging  of the battery. The battery is light and weighs 5.5 pounds.
NOTE: In the video, the battery is listed as 7.6 amp hrs. The new bikes will come with the new high capacity 10.5 amp hour battery. The down tube on frame is slightly larger than in these pictures.

Shimano SLX Drivetrain

The Pioneer Carbon bike comes with high performance Shimano SLX drive train. A full 10 speed rear cassette in rear and dual chain ring front Derailleur. This allows for great versatility for climbing hills.
The bike also has hydraulic disk brakes front and rear and  27.5 inch wheels for low rolling resistance.

45 day Guarantee

Optibike is the only motorized bicycle company to offer a 45 day satisfaction guarantee on its full line of e-bikes.

Ride your Optibike for 45 days. At the end of 45 days, if you do not love what we feel is the best electric bicycle on the market, send it back for a refund, no questions asked.



The Pioneer Carbon is covered by a 5 year warranty on the Frame, a 2 year warranty on the Lithium Battery, and a 1 year warranty on the Suspension, Brakes, Electronics, Motor, and Drivetrain and rest of the bike.

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Detailed Specifications

Range and Speed

Motor Power

Battery Type and Size





Drive Train

Power Control



35-40 Mile Range*, 28 MPH Top Speed*

500 Watts

37 Volt, 10.5 Amp-hour, Lithium-ion

LCD integrated into handlebar


Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Carbon Fiber

Shimano SLX 10 Speed Cassette, Dual Front Chain Rings

Pedalec and Throttle, 5 power levels


37 LBS

* With pedaling, 170 lb rider on flat ground