Optibike R15C Full Carbon Electric Mountain Bike


Now taking orders for new 2021 model for October delivery.

Optibikes are hand assembled in the USA for you!

After you order we will contact you to custom fit your bike to your exact specifications.

The Ultimate Electric Mountain Bike. Hand Built in Colorado, USA.

The fastest ebike we have ever built, with a top speed of 36mph and hill climbing ability that is unmatched in the ebike world.

Carbon Fiber Frame and Swingarm, Full Suspension, 1650W Motor with 190Nm Torque, and a 1600Wh Li-ion Removable Battery.

Specs and More Info

Paint Color

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Accent Sticker Color

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Extra Charger

Extra Chargers for work or another garage, or just to have a spare

Color Combo Examples

Some of our favorites!

Matte Black with Red accent stickers

Pearl White with Black accent stickers

Matte Black with no accent stickers

Additional information

Weight 72 lbs

2 reviews for Optibike R15C Full Carbon Electric Mountain Bike

  1. Gorenstein

    Truly a remarkable riding machine. I am a seasoned pilot, supersport racer, boater and ultimate thrill seeker and at times it can be a real challenge to recreate the adrenaline rush we’ve all experienced on our first barrel roll or hair pin. The R15C is the only bike on the market that can consistently satisfy the desire for thrill and adventure. Every aspect of the R15C is developed with the highest standard of craftsmanship only obtainable by trial and error over decades of focus and determination. Bravo Jim Turner and the Optibike team, thank you.

  2. Kevin

    I have just ridden over 200 miles and the bike is great! It is hands down your absolute best bike so far.

    The speed,acceleration and handling are excellent. The SuperMoto tires are the best for street riding although I have done a little off road as well. Awesome bike!

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