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Michael’s review of his Optibike R15C from New Orleans

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The Optibike R15C is in a higher league of its own… and that is, in reality, an undeniable outstanding fact that stands tall.

 It represents a new level of riding way above what I experienced before on my Riese and Muller with Bosch motor.! It truly is an incredibly unique bike…

How to besKopcho 1t describe the Optibike R15C? It would be best if I keep my opinion out of this as much as possible and stay with the known facts. 

Other Brands No Match in Range and Hill Climbing

It is a fact that the higher end quality e-bikes are European in origin with such brands as Stromer, Riese and Muller, Bull and Hybike to name a few. What these European brands have in common, no matter how their models are ´optioned up´ or how vivid their paint schemes are, they are no match to the R15C when it comes to range and climbing abilities.

Batter Than Pedal Assist

These European brands use Pedal Assistance mode to operate. In particular, Bosch takes it even further with its ´1000 times a second´ computer analysis of the riderś torque, speed and cadence Pedal Assist.

However, there is one very important fact that should never be ignored and that is all Pedal Assistance systems instantly turn into ´Piddle Assistance´ when confronted with severe trail challenges or sudden unexpected traffic conditions. It is a demonstrable fact that the R15C control throttle system is better adapted to safely handle these adverse situations.

It is also true that the R15C allows the rider infinite adjustments to precisely tune the assistance level to his cardio needs and the changing nature of trail conditions. By having this sensitive throttle control means the rider can extend his workout routine similar to that achieved by swimming. In other words, it allows healthy aerobic exercise without overstraining oneś joints or muscles. 

Motor in League of its Own

Another important fact to understand is the battery and motor design of the R15C compared to the European bikes´ motor systems. For example, I would strongly suggest that one look inside a Bosch cast metal casing and compare its internals to an Optibike. The Optibike motor is precision machined. It is a compact well built powerful package in a league of its own, designed by Optibike and made in the U.S.A. to very high engineering standards.

Largest Battery

It is clear that Optibike has the largest capacity battery within the sturdiest housing. Having a large capacity battery bank is important even if one doesn´t do great distances. By not deeply draining the battery from daily use, extended battery life lasts well beyond what a smaller battery pack provides.

Superb Handling

 The operating balance of the R15C is a confidence-boosting feature that has to be admired. The frame, motor, battery and deep full suspension makes this bike a superb handling and exceptional bike. It has no equal that I am aware of that comes close to the handling characteristics that this bike safely offers…

In summary, I could not be more impressed with my R15C. Thank you, Jim and Nicholas, for your kind assistance and advice in what you ultimately built for me. It is truly ‘beyond the beyond’ when it comes to performance, uniqueness and quality.

Great LED Lights

Those lights are beautifully designed and built let alone a pleasure to work with.  The 52 Volt system of lights are extremely bright and elegant and in my opinion, is a definite marketing plus that should be capitalized on. 

By the way, it is one thing to be impressed with your bike, but to get hands-on into how it works is even better! It makes me appreciate even more what your family company have proudly created.

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Attracting Large Amount of Attention

I should add, my Optibike is attracting a large amount of attention. I like to do distance with my bike and seem to be averaging around 200 miles plus per week and loving it!

To date on those long journeys, I have been pulled over by three police departments: St Charles Parish, Jefferson Parish, New Orleans Police plus the US Army Corps of Engineers park rangers.

What they all have in common is that they greatly admire your concept of an electric bike. Some of these officers expressed interest that this bike could be of benefit on some of the trails that they are responsible for.

As to the traditional bike racers in their spandex sausage pants, there is a stunned stoic atmosphere when I am anywhere near them.

Women  are Attracted to the Bike

The women bikers they are not shy to come up to me to inquire and yes, admire what is a new concept to them.

Come to think of it, most of the compliments I get on the trails and city streets are from women? I mean they really do let me know that they admire my Optibike.