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Review: I have never had a more reliable machine

Rodger Jacobsen with his Optibike R8 in front of a foggy lake

When it’s not raining I use the bike rather than the car and on Sundays our group of old guys ride the Marin County watershed, Mt. Tamalpais, Bolinas Ridge, 25 – 45 rugged miles.

It’s worth mentioning I have never had a more reliable machine, it goes and goes.

The best thing I can say about my bike is that the fun I have on it makes me feel like a kid, on a really good day maybe fourteen or fifteen.

The other guys in the group like it too because I can keep up with them and keep the conversation going, on a regular bike I’d be looking at their backs. they are glad too to know that there is an electric option when they get just too tired to keep up.

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