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Lose Weight

Easy way to lose up to 80 pounds.

Stay Fit

Keep fit and save time by replacing boring car trips.

Have Fun!

For fun and adventure exploring and enjoying life.

Why an Electric Bike?

Many people ask the question why not just ride a motorcycle instead of an electric bike and this is a good question. While motorcycles can often ride faster, they do not offer the health and fitness benefits of an Optibike. In addition, the Optibike allows you to use the bicycle infrastructure. With an Optibike, it is possible to obtain the thrill and exhilaration of a motorcycle in a safe and quiet way. With the Optibike there is not the maintenance issues of a gas motorcycle and the Optibike e-bike can easily be put in your car for transport.

The Optibike has been running great, dependable, fast, good handling and comfortable. I am having a great time with my 1100 R, riding about four days a week. For this eighty year old body, 30 plus degree climbs are no problem !!!!! I am able to ride with the young guns with this bike.

Marty, CA
Couple on Optibike Electric Bikes taking a break

How to Ride an Optibike for Free

Even though the initial cost of an Optibike is more than other electric bikes, over the long term, the cost of riding is near zero.
It is possible to ride an Optibike for three years and have the Optibike save you money compared to a car. You will also burn 15 pounds of fat per year and have 2 extra hours of free time per week.

This amazing result is based on replacing 3,000 miles per year of car driving with the Optibike. Three thousand miles a year is easy to do. That is the equivalent of 57 miles per week. Replace a few commutes to work or the store per week and you have quickly done 60 miles. During those three thousand miles you will burn 75,000 calories, which can translate into at least 15 pounds of fat lost just by riding an electric bike. The time you spend riding the Optibike, is time you do not need to spend exercising. Exercise has now become an integral part of your life, leading to long lasting health.

Save $2000 over 3 years by switching to an Optibike Pioneer instead of a Car
Couple riding optibikes with snowy mountains and lake in the background