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New RIOT Class 1 eMTB
Class 1 legal eMTB with monster torque
featuring the new PowerStorm MBB.

New PowerStorm Torque Sensor
Our MBB now has a dual-sided pedelec
torque sensor, easy riding awaits!

Pre-owned Bikes Available
We have several great pre-owned
options current available.

Optibike News

Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer (BERT) Designs Revealed

Earlier we had written about the Metro State Design project, sponsored by Optibike, to design an Emergency Response trailer for use with the Optibike  electric bike. On Thursday, May 15th, the seven student design teams revealed their designs.

There were some great designs with many innovative ideas. Jim Turner from  Optibike was there and was impressed, he said,  ” the designs are very creative, many ideas I had not thought of. The full size scale models give a good idea of how the BERT trailer would work”

BERT bike systems on display for Boulder-based Optibike electric bike.

The Denver Post was there and filed this report  on the innovative designs.

We will add more images and details of all seven designs in the weeks ahead.

The BERT trailer is designed to by pulled by an Optibike R series bike. The power of the Optibike allows the trailer to be pulled with weights up to 250 pounds for up to 100 miles at speeds of 25MPH. The Optibike R series electric bikes are the only electric bikes with the power and durability to be able to accomplish this. The R series Optibike, makes the concept of BERT a reality.

Follow us this summer as we keep you updated on BERT and our electric bikes. Looking for an electric bike? Contact us today, we have dedicated e-bike professionals who can help find the right e bike for you to fit your needs and budget.


Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes