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Electric bikes give beginning riders a boost

From the Columbia Daily Tribune

America is an aging nation, and about two-thirds of our population is overweight or obese. This makes it tough to sell the idea of using human power for transportation. For someone who hasn’t biked in 20 years, even a one-mile ride might seem overwhelming. Electric bikes, however, are one option for those willing to give bicycling another try.

A wide variety of people take our bicycle education courses, and some of them are new to bicycling, are not very physically fit or are older people who struggle with a hilly city like Columbia. These students find it difficult to ride a bicycle even short distances. I know that for every rider who is painfully taking those first steps toward fitness there also are people in our community who lack the fitness to ride a regular bicycle at all. Just the thought of bicycling up a hill seems like an impossible task. That is why I am really excited about an improved segment of the bicycle industry, the electric bicycle.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes