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Elite Series Electric Bikes, The best eMTB of 2018

By October 12, 2018October 21st, 2018No Comments

Optibike has been building electric bikes since 2006 and has the well-deserved reputation as being at the top of the electric bike industry. Not only do they have the best electric bikes, they also create the best e mountain bike. Optibike has made it to the top by creating innovative high quality inventions every time.

The R8HD Optibike

Optibike has now released a new electric bike in its elite series electric bike. It is called the R8HD Optibike. You may ask what makes the R8HD optibike special.

The R8HD is basically designed for people who are over 220 pounds and also for those people who need to ride faster and for longer miles. This bike in the elite series electric bike is one of the best bikes for people who are heavier. It now provides a chance to such people to enjoy riding a bike and at the same time have a work out as well. It has a 29Ah lithium battery which is larger than the other electric bikes. This larger battery allows for people to use the electric bikes for hours at a time. It has an optional Touring Battery which doubles the range to over 100 miles.

The R8HD is a heavy duty package. It is perfect for climbing hills, has superior handling and excellent stopping power. Moreover, it is absolutely safe and comfortable to ride as it consists of technology such as the Avid hydraulic brakes and the racing class Fox suspension.

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