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Lease a Pioneer Allroad E-Bike and Ride for Free

Pioneer electric bike

Pioneer Allroad

With Optibike’s leasing program, it is possible to lease a Pioneer Allroad Electric Bike for $55 per month. You can easily save this each month in reduced gas and maintenance costs, so your Pioneer Allroad is acutely free to ride.

How much riding does it take to save $55 per month?

Assume your car gets 20 MPG and gas costs $4. The cost per mile for gas is then $.20 per mile. Add in another $.20 per mile for maintenance costs of your car (oil changes, tires, brakes etc). In this case, it is costing you $.40 per mile to drive your car for gas and maintenance.

To save $55, you need to only ride your Pioneer 140 miles per month!! That is 35 miles per week of electric bike riding and the e bike is free to ride.

It is so easy to replace your car with an motorized bike for 35 miles per week. The added power of the electric bike lets you easily climb hills and increase your overall speed. You also do not sit in traffic at lights and parking is a breeze. That 35 miles of riding per week will also help you lose weight and keep fit.

Learn more about our electric bikes here. We offer the widest selection to fit your needs and budget. And if that wasn’t enough, we offer a 45 day guarantee. Follow our Electric Bike Blog to learn more about us.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes


  • Carl Christensen says:

    Here’s another perspective; I pay $65 dollars a month for the RTD EcoPass (my company picks up the other half). An Optibike would completely eliminate the need for the EcoPass; I could ride the Optibike the entire 17 miles to work. I’ve got to seriously consider this leasing option.

  • Kristin Parsons says:

    This sounds awesome! What is the length of a lease? I am a big fan.
    Thanks for offering options and for doing all that you do!