Review: 32 mile commute on an Allroad

David has put 1000 miles on his Pioneer e-bike

Last week I was able to commute to work on my Allroad, which I really enjoy. The commute is just shy of 32 miles round trip from where I live in Centennial to downtown Denver where I work and is mostly over side streets so I avoid riding in heavy traffic.

My regular non-cycling commute consists of driving to the light rail station and hopping on the F Line train. Door to door the train ride is about 75 minutes each way.

Riding the Allroad takes about an hour so in addition to burning calories I save time (and probably CO2). I keep track of calories burned, pulse rate etc. using a fitness watch. Cycling burns about an extra 1100 calories per day which is a terrific benefit.

I have a pass for the train that is $36 per month. If I drive it takes about 45 minutes assuming moderate traffic but parking is minimum $10. Gas is about $4 per day.

All and all the Allroad has performed very well; Mariane and I both think riding the Allroad is a hoot. I also just passed 1000 miles on my Allroad.

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