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Review: Riding an Optibike in a hurricane

Hurricane Sandy Flooding

Love my Optibike.

I am auto dealer in Lewes Delaware and never drive my cars. only my Optibike electric bike everywhere. I’m on the beach and get around town faster than cars. The cops watch me whiz by and just shake their heads. Since its classed as a bike I can park it on the side walk and ride it down the bike trails. Can’t do that with a moped. I never sit in traffic anymore. My Optibike is so much better than a car, and I have a full dealership of cars to choose from.

During hurricane Sandy no one was allowed to drive, only emergency autos. I rode my Optibike down several miles to check on my boat. Getting hit with 80 MPH wind gusts. The bike changed lanes with each blast, but stayed on the road- real stable. I left the bike on the canal bridge. the water was too deep to take it any farther. I made it to my boat. Out at the marina conditions were real bad.  My mission was complete. Thanks to my Optibike, I was able to check my boat in the midst of the storm.