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“75 miles on one charge”

I am amazed:

Pedaled 27 km at an average speed of 33 km/hour mostly at power level #3 and a top speed of 57 km/hour down hill & used power level #4 going up hill for a short distance (one way to Dentist 50 min.) – Total battery use 3/5 th’s for 59 km (36 mile) round trip.  Biked with a friend Wed. May 16th –  38 km in power level #2 one way (19 km) and power level #1 back and the 1st battery level was still showing (hard to believe).

Believe it or not I am beginning to think that I will get at least 25 km x 5 battery levels = 125 km (75 miles) for one charge on the main battery (more if I just use power levels 1 & 2). I have also been testing the distance on the back battery while looping Lake Windermere (using all 4 power levels as required) and depending on the wind etc. 80 – 90 km (48 – 54 miles) on one charge.

The range on the new bike is 25 – 35 km’s (15 – 21 miles) more per charge based on approximately 640 km’s of riding to date and still learning what power level and gears to use for the best results.