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“Just no comparison”

Many many thanks for your wonderful customer services, and a wonderful bike you had prepared for me.  Now, this bike becomes my physical therapy machine and a commuting transportation in the busy streets of San Francisco.

Truly, the R15 upgrade is a very powerful e-bike.  I can practically say that this bike is a hybrid of motorcycle and bicycle.  The mixture of Rohloff gear, MBB, the throttle, powerful battery, and the full suspensions set up, it just eats up four consecutive hills with ease every time on my way home from work.

I have rode the Bionx, Bosch, and Yamaha system e-bikes.  There is just no comparison with the Optibike what so ever.

In addition, your customer services was GREAT. Despite there were some minor issues upon receiving the bike, the speedy response and the corrections were almost as fast as the speed of the bike. My wife told me that “just for this type of the customer service, it’s money well spent.”

Again, many thanks for your product and your services.  For sure, you have earned a grateful customer for many years to come.