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New RIOT Class 1 eMTB
Class 1 legal eMTB with monster torque
featuring the new PowerStorm MBB.

New PowerStorm Torque Sensor
Our MBB now has a dual-sided pedelec
torque sensor, easy riding awaits!

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The only e-bike with a full carbon frame, swingarm, and battery case.

By August 30, 2021September 1st, 2021No Comments

Today I’m with the elite series carbon fiber frame and I wanted to show you some of the features, and how the bike goes together because I often get questions about that.

This frame we custom designed and have made for us, it’s all carbon fiber, the swingarm is carbon fiber and the battery case is carbon fiber.

One important aspect is the swing arm, as you’ll notice it is all one piece and there’s a big reason for that. Because the Optibike has 190 newton meters of torque, which is about two and a half times what other ebikes have, this swing arm was necessary so it didn’t flex when you’re accelerating.

And that rigidity the swing arm also translates to superior handling, when you go into a turn at 30 mph the bike isn’t flexing and shimmying, these bikes are rock solid because of that.

The swing arm goes through a linkage system, and the advantage of this is it’s very soft in the beginning and extremely rigid at the end. So it’s soft over small bumps or rocks, but if you go over a jump it absorbs that easily.

The motorized bottom bracket also goes in the bottom of the frame, and that’s our motor we that we designed.  Because of the compact size of the motor the battery can sit very low in the bike, this is critical for good handling.

Our ebikes have far bigger batteries than others, with that size battery you’ve got to have the position of the battery just right.

We’ve been producing ebikes for over 14 years now, and since we design the motor, frame, battery, swing arm, and more.. We can optimize the bike for the performance we demand.

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