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Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer (BERT) and Electric Bikes

Optibike has teamed up with David Klein, Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Metropolitan State University of Denver to have his  Industrial design class make conceptual design models of the new Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer (BERT). Stay tuned for images of the final designs in late May.


               The Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer (BERT) is designed as a light weight mobile command center to be pulled by an electric bicycle allowing it to enter areas inaccessible by conventional vehicles in times of disaster or during special events. The BERT offers basic services and solar charging to allow it to stay in the field for extended periods of time.

Background of Need

            Natural disasters are occurring at increased rates. These disasters often cut off access to areas by conventional vehicles. There is often a shortage of electricity and fuel supplies. The need for a light weight vehicle to access areas and be self-sustaining is a vital link in the whole disaster response effort. These trailers can also be used in other events where only bicycle access is possible. They can also be used for bicycle touring camping.

BERT Features

Some of the features the BERT will have are listed below.

  1. Energy and Power- the BERT will have from 2-4 kilowatts hours of 48 volt  lithium batteries
  2. AC Power- up to 1500 watts of AC 110  Power with plugs
  3. Up to 500 watts 12V DC power
  4. USB charging ports
  5. Up to 1000 watts of solar panels to charge battery banks-
  6. Refrigeration-small refrigerator for medicines. Electric or propane.
  7. WIFI- Wifi hotspot router for mobile internet access (may tether to phone)
  8. Tent area- for security from elements. Enough room for a person to lay down and four people standing. Bonus of insulation in tent area.
  9. Bonus of ability to also use trailer to transport injured person laying down.
  10. Heat Source (optional) propane powered to heat tent area. Is this viable.
  11. Footprint – 63” and 24”, such as Surly “Bill” Trailer.
  12. Workbench or table  area.
  13. Seating
  14. Batteries able to run electric bike for extended range riding.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes