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How do you define if an electric bike is "Manufactured in America?"

There seems to be a resurgence among product marketers to proclaim their product is “Made in the USA” yet there also seems to be some variance in the definition of what exactly that means.

As far as the Optibike is concerned, this is what it means:

Frame/Swingarm: Stamped/welded/machined/painted in the United States.

Battery:  Cells made overseas (not many are made in the US) the assembly of the pack and case happens in the US

Electronics/wiring: Manufactured in the US.

Motor: Manufactured in the US

Gears/MBB parts: Machined/manufactured in the US

Fox Suspension/Chris King Headset: Manufactured in the US

Then, of course, the entire bike is “assembled” in Boulder, CO.

Some of the bicycle components we use such as the Avid Disk brakes, Mavic Wheels, seats, pedals, grips, etc are made overseas- many are not available from US based manufacturers.  However, the overwhelming majority of every Optibike is actually made within 1000 miles of our factory in Boulder, CO.

This is not to say that one method/location of sourcing is better than another, its just a matter of clarification.


Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes


  • opti says:

    Bill, We started producing 400w bikes with NiMh batteries in 2005. Since then, our customers taste for speed and power have fueled our passion for performance- the vast majority of the bikes we sell now are 850W.

  • bill says:

    Of the bicycles U have produced & R now producing What is the highest & lowest output (i.e. 850watts / 48volts? to 150watts /12volts ? )That U have made & how can I tell which is which ? I have the opportunity to buy a used unit !!!