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Want the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? Think Electric Bike

Last year consumer spending on Valentine’s Day gifts was estimated at more than $17 billion. That level of spending makes it the 2nd largest holiday behind Christmas.

According to the National Retail Federation, last year that $17 billion was spent in a majority of three ways: cards (67%), chocolate/candy (48%), and flowers (36%). In addition almost half of all Valentine’s Day celebrators went out to dinner with their sweetheart.

But for those who want to give the gift that continues giving well after the flowers die, the cards are recycled and the candy is eaten, there’s an even better option available: the electric bike.

While at first blush the electric bike may not seem to be the most thoughtful present someone could give here are 5 reasons it’s a gift that adds spark to any romance.

1.) Enjoy each other’s company in a new way.
Explore new trails together or just ride together to the store. Whatever you decide to do as a couple on your electric bikes it’ll be a newfound experience.  Understand more about the importance of bonding in a marriage:

2.) Get in shape and stay in shape together.
Everyone knows you have to enjoy exercise in order to stay on track with weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Now you can get fit together and keep each other motivated by biking together. Electric bikes like the Optibike are a terrific way to get in shape even if you haven’t biked in awhile. Find out how the Optibike can help you be as healthy as possible:

3.) Endorphins.
Endorphins are associated with increased levels of exercise like riding your electric bike. They’re the chemicals in your body that make you feel good so why not feel good together? Discover the physiological benefits in greater detail:

4.) Quality time.
Most couples are hard-pressed to find quality time to be together. Between demanding jobs, household responsibilities and possibly children, a lot of couples simply don’t schedule time to be together. When you both have electric bikes that let you ride around town together like the Optibike you won’t have to work so hard to spend time together.

Just ride your bikes to run your Saturday errands, get some exercise, talk to each other and get in some quality bonding time! Quality time is one of the most vital things a couple can do to keep their relationship on track:

5.) Save money.
Money is one of the top reasons many couples argue. So think of how good you’ll feel when you save money by biking instead of driving your cars (and you’re helping the environment too!). And as an added bonus you two can decide how to invest, spend or share all that saved cash. This Smart Money article shares more:

These are only a few of the ways electric bikes bring couples closer together. Few other Valentine’s Day gifts offer couples the combination of added romantic spark, health improvements and financial benefits of the electric bike. E-bikes like the Optibike are gifts that keep on giving. Check out our full line of electric bikes.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes