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Boost Mode information for your Optibike


There are two different Boost Modes on Optibikes, FAST and SLOW. These are changed by toggling the MODE switch on the headlight. The FAST and SLOW Boost Modes affect the sensitivity of the Boost Mode.  Some riders find the normal, Fast Boost, is too active with their riding style, so they use the less sensitive, Slow Boost Mode. 

What is Boost Mode?

Boost Mode is the amount of acceleration the Optibike has when shifting gears or accelerating from a stop. Some riders find their bikes entering Boost Mode too often. The Slow Boost Mode is less sensitive, making it harder to enter, and will not offer as much acceleration during shifting.

 Applicable Bikes

The dual Boost Mode is available on Firmware Versions 505 and higher. Version 505 was installed on bikes shipped in November 2008 and after.

 How to Adjust Boost Mode

Boost Mode is toggled by rapidly switching between FAST and ECO modes two times.

Example: Switch is in FAST Mode. Rapidly switch to ECO, then FAST, then ECO  then  FAST. LED will flash to indicate which Boost Mode has been entered. (See below)

 When Fast Boost Mode is entered, the Green and Yellow LED will flash quickly for one second and then the normal gas gauge LED will display.

 When Slow Boost Mode is entered, all three LED will flash quickly for one second, and then the normal gas gauge LED will display.

 If your bike does not exhibit the flashing LED, after toggling, it does not have the dual Boost Mode feature. 

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes


  • Patrick Singler says:

    Firmware? Now we’re talking. I’m an engineer and regularly upgrade the firmware on all of my gadgets. My bike was purchased 5 months ahead of this. How do I upgrade my Firmware (JTAG?–I’m not afraid!).

  • Al Mayberry says:

    Hello Craig, We have some questions here and above. To add another

    1 — You say if the fast switchings do not give you two different responses that the bike does not have the choice capability. Does this mean the hardware or firmware is not capable of low and high boost mode? Fast switching takes my bike to three solid lights even though the SOC is on yellow, and it stays permanently on three until turned off and on.

    2 — If I don’t have a choice does that mean it is always on high boost?

    3 — My 800Li was new in 9/08. Which bost modes is it supposed to have?