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Optibike to lead US Grand Prix Cycling Event as Derny

June 28, 2012   (Boulder, CO) – Last weekend Optibike Electric Bicycles was used as the derny  at the US Grand Prix of sprinting. The Optibike was the “pacer” in multiple events, many of which are events for those heading to London Olympics.

“Optibike is very proud to be the first electric bicycle ever used in the Keirin at the Olympic training center velodrome in Colorado Springs. Optibike is proving itself as a valuable training tool for professional and amateur cyclists in pacing both in the velodrome and on the open road.,” Jim Turner, the founder of Optibike.

The use of the Optibike (as derny) in an international, UCI track competition is absolute proof of concept, technologically. Cycling coach Tim Kyer will be the rider on the Optibike .

“We had it (the Optibike) down in Colorado Springs last week and tested it in the velodrome,” Kyer said. “It is substancially different then when we used it in the kierin at the Boulder Velodrome. On the smaller boulder track, I was really limited by turns and the G force. The concrete track (in Colorado Springs) is really grippy. I don’t have to worry about sliding it at all. I turned 5 or 6  laps at 40 mph. It is so much more relaxed. You can focus on being consistent and on speed.”

The Optibike is becoming a sought after coaching tool for cycling coaches and team managers.

“Coaches are loving the Optibike as it allows them to ride with the riders during

training rides and also be the lead in many drills. Optibike has shown it has the power to motor pace cyclists both in the track and outside on the roads,” Jim Turner, owner of Optibike said.

Optibike promotes healthy living, active lifestyle and getting people out into the outdoors. Optibike has a strong presence in promoting a green environment and offering people of all abilities a chance to ride their bike instead of use their car.

“Optibike owners are people who want to be active, whether experienced riders or beginners,” Turner said. “To show the technology of the Optibike in an international competition, shows we are truly the world’s finest electric bike. Our product is for use from recreational riders all the way to Olympians.”

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes