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3rd Generation Optibike battery system boasts 20% capacity increase, same weight (and size)!!

Pre-order now for June 1 delivery.
In the fast paced, ever changing world of lithium-ion batteries and electric bikes, one thing is certain: Optibike will continue to bring you the latest and greatest in battery technology. 
The 3rd Generation Lithium-Ion battery from Optibike is no exception.
  • Compact. The Optibike lithium ion battery is the most energy dense battery deployed in an electric vehicle today. 
  • Durable. Only Optibike offers a 3 year/30,000 mile warranty for a lithium ion battery. 
  • Powerful. With 26ah at 36v, the Optibike Lithium Ion battery system boasts the highest capacity primary battery available in an electric bike today.
  • Lightweight.  295% more capacity than the leading LiPO4 battery of the same size and weight! 
This new battery system is available in bikes starting June 1, 2011 as an optional upgrade (+$399) 
From now until April 8, all new Optibike 850R purchases will come with the new battery for no additional charge (June delivery.)
Plus, just as our way of saying thank you- you can take 75% off a Heavy Duty Package on an 850R at the same time!
Please email or call 303.443.0932 x201 to pre-order or with questions!
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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes