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The Power Of The R11 Electric Mountain Bike

By May 30, 2014July 7th, 2018No Comments
Testimonial by Dave Kammer Testimonial –R11 Owner
I am 61 years old and there is nothing that can touch the Optibike R11 electric mountain bike. I like the range with the extended touring battery combined with the power and speed. I have completed several 100 mile trips and plan in the Spring of 2014 take a 400 mile trip from Pittsburgh to Cumberland Maryland.
When you turn off the electric mountain bike it feels and rides like one of the best mountain electric mountain bikebikes. It’s a bike! Even though the Optibike weighs 60 pounds the high quality components offsets the weight. I love the speed of the R11 even at 60 pounds and 73 pounds with the external touring battery. I cover more distance in less time with the Optibike and it helps me stay strong on my bike at 61 feeling like I am 20 again. What an awesome time I have on the R11.
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