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Ultra Low Maintenance Electric Bike Hits the Streets

November 18, 2009; Boulder, CO:  A new electric bike is available for people want to ride their bike more, and fiddle with maintenance less.  The Optibike 850R  features an exclusive 14 speed internally geared hub system, leaving messy shifting adjustments a thing of the past.   

 “The Optibike 850R is designed to be a car replacement.  Cars are easy to use for people who do not know anything about them, and the Optibike 850R is easy to use for bike riders of all technical and physical abilities,” said Optibike Designer and CEO Jim Turner.  “The 850R is a real transportation option that includes all the benefits of cycling while overcoming many obstacles that keep people from riding more.”

 The 850R is equipped with MBB Speed Drive Technology which includes a motor mounted inside the bottom bracket so the rider can pedal in tandem with the help of the motor assist.  A 14 speed Rohloff rear hub replaces the derailleur reducing maintenance to a once a year oil change.  The 850R uses a lithium ion battery and has a top speed with pedaling of 30 mph and a range of 50 miles.

 All Optibike models, including the 850R are manufactured in Boulder, CO USA.

 Optibike is the world leader in award winning high performance electric bikes, and currently offers electric bikes specifically for commuters, performance enthusiasts, and off road junkies.  In business since 1998, Optibike has been featured on ESPN, CNN, The Today Show, National Geographic Adventurer, and in The NY Times.  To learn more, visit


 Craig Taber

Marketing Director

Optibike LLC

Boulder CO USA


Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes