Ask Optibike: Do the Optibike fenders really work or are they just for decoration?

By December 4, 2009July 7th, 2018Ask Optibike!, How do we do it?

This question came in from Aryeh:

It does rain where I live. Do the fenders provide real protection from wheel splash, or are they more for style?

Batteries are expensive. Are they contained in the frame in a way that they can’t be stolen?


Thanks for your questions.  The Optibike fenders were designed with both function and style in mind.  So in short, yes, they work great in wet conditions.  

The Optibike battery is removed by turning the bike upside down, removing the rear shock, and removing the battery cover.  This job is virtually impossible while the bike is securly locked to a bike rack.  Further, the whole operation takes about 30 minutes- more than most thiefs want to spend on a project in public.  


Craig Taber





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