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New ‘MMI’ Touchscreen Display
Pick your E-Bike class and extensively customize your ride with 12 profiles.

New RIOT Class 1 eMTB
Class 1 legal eMTB with monster torque
featuring the new PowerStorm MBB.

New PowerStorm Torque Sensor
Our MBB now has a dual-sided pedelec
torque sensor, easy riding awaits!

Pre-owned Bikes Available
We have several great pre-owned
options current available.

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The World’s Highest Performing Electric Bike

While assembling an Optibike sometimes I reflect on how truly awesome it is to be building up one of the finest electric bikes on the market. To see why Optibike makes the world’s best performing electric bikes on the market you first have to look at its parts. We have high quality control standards, which means only the best of the best parts make it on your bike. We start with our made in America aluminum frame and swingarm and use local paint shops to provide a beautiful and durable paint to match the customer’s exact needs. From there I will ream the head tube and install a magnificent Chris King headset made from our friends in Portland Oregon. Although I myself can lace and build up a wheel from scratch I leave that to our wheel tech JB, who over the years has built up thousands of wheels. With the utmost confidence I can install these on the bike and know that they are built to last for the long-haul with longevity and safety in mind. I also love using the Rohloff speed drive rear hub. These things are amazing and for the end user it greatly simplifies maintenance and provides us with a very straight chainline that prolongs chain life and gives a great gear range for almost any type of riding. This works amazing in conjunction with the patented motorized bottom bracket (MBB) that we assemble here in Boulder Colorado from parts made in the USA.

e bikeUtilizing both the MBB and Rohloff, Optibikes really climbs like a dream, I have personally ridden them up two different 14,000ft peaks, Pikes Peak outside of Colorado Springs and Mt Evans just outside of Idaho Springs. This is why I love installing and bleeding our downhill specific Avid Code brakes that boast 4 pistons each. When you are descending a mountain approaching 60mph or just cruising around town you will come to love the stopping power they provide. Braking is only as good as the friction your tires can put to the road so that is why I install Schwalbe tires, not only to provide great traction but provide long lasting tires that have great puncture resistance. I love the Optibike for its ability to ride either on or off road with top of the line Fox dual suspension. Each component is picked for a reason and after riding an Optibike you will soon appreciate everything on this e bike the way I have come to.

So stop in today and test drive the best electric bicycle for yourself or give us a call at (303) 443.0932, and we would be happy to tell you more about the best e bike on the market today. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what others have to say as they share their remarkable e bike stories. And don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter to learn more about what goes on at Optibike.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes

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